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Bergamot Essential Oil

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With notes of citrus and spice, Bergamot is a natural digestive agent, and also has deodorizing properties, and can help relieve stress and anxiety.

For refreshing baths: Pour 5 – 10 drops into a warm bath (50 -100 litres).

For Compresses:Hot and cold compresses help to ease pain. Pour 5 – 10 drops into a bowl with 100 – 200 ml of warm or cold water. Before applying, do a skin sensitivity test of the solution on a forearm.

For Vaporization: Add 3 – 4 drops  of essential oil to a bowl of the burner filled with water.

Ingredients(INCL): Citrus, Aurantium bergamia, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol.

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