Women’s Voices in Rowing by Daniela Nachazelova


14 women. 14 rowers. 14 stories. Sport is fascinating and exciting but not always fair. And rowing is no exception. In spite of gender inequality, behind-the-scenes machinations, financial injustice and other errors in the system, it attracts women all over the world to dedicate their time, passion and energy to row, to become a coach and maybe fight for better conditions of rowers in general. Dive in remarkable testimonies of incredible and tough women from Canada, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, United States of America and South Africa who talk about their rowing experience, their lives that have been affected by the sport where you go backwards. These women reveal their victories and losses, their challenges and fears but also about their ideas on how to make the world of rowing a safer and equal environment. Through different generations of female rowers, we are able to witness the evolution of rowing. Cultural, sexual and political changes are happening and it’s up to us to look at them and learn from them because somewhere there for sure, is next Tricia, Sandi, Ursula or Emma who is about to pick up the oars for the first time. Therefore the mission of this book is to give voice to women in sport and especially in rowing so any other girl who is thinking about which sport she should choose would decide for rowing knowing that there have always been strong figures to follow.


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