A Summer in Spillville in 1893


Author Barbara Ortwein toured the US during the summer of 2023 to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the visit of Antonin Dvorak and his family in rural Iowa in the summer of 1893 by presenting about her book, A Summer in Spillville in 1893.

Along with the Dvorak family, Barbara Ortwein’s novel takes us on a journey to a small rural town of Spillville, Iowa.  In 1892, Antonin Dvorak accepted a very well-paid position at the National Conservatory of Music of America in New York City.  In 1893, the composer felt homesick for his Bohemian homeland so in the summer of that year Dvoraks traveled to Spillville. During his visit in Iowa and in America, and in addition to finding a little Bohemia in America, the composer was influenced by the diversity of America’s people and the journey echoed through Dvorak’s numerous musical works many years after.

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