Slovak Wine Guide


How can you get to know the history, culture and gastronomy of a country in just a few seconds? Taste its wine! Whether you’re a restaurant owner, wine trader or tourist looking fora liquid souvenir from Slovakia, this book will help you to find your way around the current wines on offer on the Slovak market. Vladimír Hronský, the author, is a famous enologist, sommelier and Slovak wine popularizer, and his guide introduces readers to 50 wineries and their 365 most interesting Slovak wines. The introductory chapters describe the characteristics of the viticultural regions of Slovakia and the traditional and new grapevine varieties cultivated here. Hronský also explains the labelling of Slovak wines and current trends in wine making. He goes on to offer experts and non-experts alike a selection of the most interesting wines on the market based on various requirements (wines made of traditional varieties and popular new clones, innovative wines, classical Tokaj wines, sparkling wines, and others). Lovers of local cheeses will also appreciate this first English edition which includes a chapter on the best Slovak wine and cheese combinations.

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