A Taste of Slovakia Cookbook (Part Two)


Here’s what you’ll find in A Taste of Slovakia: Part Two Autumn:

  1. Pillars of Slovak Cuisine (Potatoes, Pulses, Cabbage, Grains and Seeds, Nuts)
  2. From the Garden to the Kitchen (a collection of recipes with vegetables and fruit native to Slovakia)
  3. Spirits and Liqueurs (borovička, fruit distillates, Tatratea)
  4. Wines (history, grape varieties, classification of Slovak wines, wine regions, historical wineries, small family wineries)
  5. Goose and Duck Festivals (Roast Goose, Roast Duck, Braised Red Cabbage, Lokshe, Skalický trdelník …)
  6. From Our Forests and Meadows (history of hunting, traditions, Deer Goulash, Pickled Chanterelles, etc.)

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