Stop Dubček! The Story of Man Who Defied Power


Author: Jozef Banáš
English translation published in 2020 (Slovak original in 2009)

Penned by one of the best-selling Slovak authors, Jozef Banáš, the book is an excellent account of Alexander Dubček’s political and private life, primarily his role during the Prague Spring 1968 and years that followed.

Commemorative stamp of Alexander Dubček worth 1 Euro is included with each book (unused or cancelled).

Excerpts from the Foreword to the book by Prof. Michael Kopanic, Jr.:

No Slovak is more  well-known in world history than Alexander Dubček. He spear-headed the Prague Spring which attempted to “build socialism with a human face.” In the short-run, his experiment failed because of the Soviet-led invasion in August 1968. But in the long-run, Dubček challenged the world by attempting to show that a communist-led government could attempt to become a genuinely popular ruling party. …

This book is an introduction to (Alexander Dubček) the politician and the person.  In  creating his portrait of Dubček, Banáš utilized scholarly studies as well as testimonies, memories of Dubček’s co-workers, friends, neighbors and people who came in contact with the former Slovak leader. … He (Dubček) will always be remembered as a warm man, with a cheerful smile and a firm belief in the basic goodness of the people. … Whatever one’s view of Dubček, one cannot deny his major historical role. No one can deny the genuine love he inspired among people and the hope he gave them for a brighter future.

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