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Vanishing Perennials of Moravia


Not long ago, we would see them on the street, on a bus, or sitting on village benches or walking to the church. We were used to them. Who are they? They are women wearing their traditional folk costumes even on weekdays. Over time, however, these encounters have become more and more rare. So, what does the word víchernice mean? It used to describe a woman who proudly cared about her looks but who was also industrious and a hard worker. Allegedly, the word víchera is an expression for peasant pride. And as we know now, these women have a good reason to be proud. They have kept the heritage of their ancestors alive for us. We have succeeded photographing women in Moravia. It was important for us to capture our „models“ in their natural everyday life environment. Therefore, you can see these women wearing headphones or appearing in a modern 21st Century interior.


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