Folkjord Prints


Introducing prints from the NCSML exhibit of posters custom-created by a young marketing company Barney Studios based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Folkjord is company’s special project that pairs famous, or not-so-famous, natural and man-made landmarks from either of the homelands and a new home country. The goal of these designs is to provide a special memory for the Slovaks or Czechs living abroad.

Available only at NCSML, the seven prints presented here were specially designed to pair landmarks in all three countries, and also to commemorate 30 years since the amicable split between Czechia and Slovakia in 1993. A few of the prints incorporate landmarks from the Museum’s location in Cedar Rapids and Iowa.

Prints in size 8×10 come with a carton backing and are protected in a plastic sleeve. On the back is a label with the names/description of landmarks featured.

Printed in the USA by Museum Store Products, Inc.

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